Welcome to Bay Area Perinatal. You can find information here about upcoming support groups and ongoing psychotherapy services for families before, during and after birth.

Did you know that one in every seven new moms and one in every ten new dads experiences symptoms of a mood or anxiety disorder during the postpartum period? For parents whose babies have experienced illness, preterm birth, or other medical or developmental problems, these numbers can be even higher. Many parents experience symptoms of anxiety or mood disorders after a neonatal medical crisis, including symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If your baby was hospitalized for medical treatment of any kind, whether this resulted in a one-day stay or several months in hospital with a horrible roller-coaster of ups and downs, you may be:

  • Struggling with feelings of anxiety, worry, sadness/loss of interest, guilt or anger.
  • Having difficulties in your relationships with your partner or family members.
  • Feeling isolated and alone!
  • Worried that you don’t feel as connected to your baby as you would like.
  • Looking for help with recovery from the extreme stress you and your family have been through.
  • Wanting support for how to cope with ongoing stressors in your family’s world.

Call us to access specialized psychotherapy and support groups that may be of help. We are psychotherapists who have a deep foundation of understanding for parents’ experience during and after a neonatal medical crisis. Both of us have a background supporting moms and dads during and after a stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and one of us is a former NICU mom who has walked this path herself. You are not alone!